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Information on Nüttermoor storage point

By 28. February 2024March 1st, 2024No Comments

EWE GASSPEICHER GmbH is converting further parts of the Nüttermoor storage point from L-gas to H-gas as part of the market area conversion. This market area conversion will create new storage points to the GTG NORD network: UGS NUETTERMOOR H GTG – Entry and UGS NUETTERMOOR H GTG – Exit.  At these new storage points, interruptible and conditionally firm capacity will be marketed for the period from December 1st, 2024 to probably April 1st, 2025.

From approximately April 1st, 2025 the capacities of the UGS NUETTERMOOR H GTG storage points (entry and exit) will be relocated to the UGS EWE H-Gas zone (entry/exit). The UGS NUETTERMOOR H GTG (Entry/Exit) will be then no longer available.