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The energy ring in the northwest

Market area conversion
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There are two types of natural gas: L-gas, which is produced in Germany and the Netherlands, and H-gas, which is produced in the rest of the world. As L-gas production is continuously declining, all connections supplied with L-gas will be switched to H-gas by 2030.

The distribution system operators affected by the conversion and the directly connected consumers will be contacted by us in order to jointly plan the conversion process at an early stage.

The current conversion planning of GTG Nord

period of timeareacomment
2018 - 2019formerly „Cux-/ Bremerhaven EWE Ost“eastern part of the GTG network from Posthausen to Cuxhaven
2020EWE-Zone Iareas from Nordenham to Wildeshausen
2021EWE-Zone part IIConnects directly at Wildeshausen and Extends in southern direction to Bruchausen-Vilsen and Twistringen
2022EWE-Zone part IIIarea Cloppenburg to Steinfeld-Düpe
2023EWE-Zone part IVCity of Oldenburg
2024EWE-Zone part Varea from Varel to short of Leer and southern Emsland
2025 - 2027EWE-Zone part VI to EWE Zone part VIIIIncludes Werlte to Rhauderhfehn (2025), Leer im Hochmoor with the city of Wilhelmshaven and the East Frisian Islands (2026) to Emden (2027).
Ende 2027Zone WestnetzSulinger Land
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According to the EU regulation, we are obliged to publish inside information. The relevant publications can be found on the website of the European transmission system operator ENTSOG

Information acc. Art. 29 und 30 TAR NC
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Capacity information internal order
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Capacity details internal order 2024 (§11 number 9 KoV) (german)

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All data on our technical, booked and free capacities, nominations, interruptions, calorific values and load flows can be found  here.

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