For gas transportation at Oude Statenijl and Zone UGS EWE L-Gas , nominations of gas flows in kWh/h need to be sent by the responsible balancing group manager nominated by the shipper.

In order to nominate gas transport capacities, a successful communication test needs to be completed and a binding agreement on the communication methods, data formats and message types needs be concluded. For the agreement, GTG offers the following communication methods and data formats:

  • Communication methods: AS4, AS2 or a web-based nomination portal provided by GTG. More than one communication method may be agreed upon.
  • Data formats: edig@s messages (XML) or manual input to the nomination portal.

Following data is to be provided by the balancing group manager:

  • Mandatory customer information:
  • Business Partner ID (EIC),
  • valid balancing group(s) / shipper codes,
  • 24/7 contact (email, phone, fax)
  • In case of using single-sided-nomination:
  • authorisation form

The communication test is deemed successful if the balancing group manager has been available at any time and has always responded during 30 minutes. A unsuccessful communication test is to be repeated soon.

Single-Sided-Nomination (bundled nomination)

Single-sided-nomination may be used at the cross-border interconnection point Oude Statenzijl. GTG hereby takes the role of the active transmission system operator. The balancing group manager always sends the nomination to the active transmission system operator.

Prior to sending bundled nominations, an authorisation process is necessary. Hereby, it will be clarified which balancing group manager / shipper takes the active role in den nomination process. This party is obliged to get the authorisation from the passive balancing group manager in a written form by using the form provided by GTG (available in the download section and in the box on the right). This form need to be send via email to . The approval by GTG may take two working days.

Changes to the authorisation or to the nomination process, e.g. a change to unbundled nominations, have to be requested in written form. Implementation and testing may take ten working day.