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Gastransport Nord GmbH (GTG) was established in March 2012 as the independent transport network operator of the L-gas transmission system in the EWE group. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of EWE AG and are based in Oldenburg. With our approximately 40 employees, we operate a L-gas transmission system of around 320 kilometres in length in the Weser/Ems region of northwest Germany. Our core business areas are the marketing of transport capacities and the construction and operation of the pipeline network. Capacity marketing takes place on transparent terms at nondiscriminatory fee rates and in accordance with the statutory national and European framework and the regulations of the cooperation agreement between gas network operators.

GTG transports gas on behalf of gas importers and producers from the import point and from domestic production to the virtual trading point. The gas is then carried to the points of delivery in downstream distribution networks or to gas storage facilities on behalf of traders and municipal utilities. The connection to gas storage facilities enables traders to increase or decrease their gas stocks at short notice or seasonally as needed, in order to trade them at the virtual trading point or transport them to customers.

GTG links the pipeline network with the European natural gas network at the border crossing in Oude Statenzijl, Netherlands.

In the Trading Hub Europe market area, the company plays the role of market area-wide network operator. We are a shareholder in Trading Hub Europe GmbH and ináPRISMA EuropeanáCapacity Platform GmbH (PRISMA).

GTG is involved at an international level in shaping the legal and regulatory framework in the European internal market, e.g. by means of its membership of international associations such as ENTSOG.

Gastransport Nord GmbH

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